Stand Tall And Triumph Everyday

Deascent is a Hip Hop Artist from The South Bronx. He is a definite product of his environment…. at least musically. His music is a balanced blend of traditional Hip Hop but with a new school approach. Everything that is prepared over a beat is genuine and heartfelt. There’s an obvious passion for both the culture and the craft when you take a listen to this Bronx Bomber on the rise. His latest project “State Of The Art” which has been released under the indie imprint Marathon Music, is an ode to the city and the music that raised and groomed him to be both the artists and the man he is today. “State Of The Art” features upcoming producers, vocalists, and emcees who help Deascent paint a picture of New York life and music that those who aren’t from The Big Apple can admire..take a listen.

“RAW TALENT..this young gentleman goes by the name of Deascent. His stick figure posture underwhelms you as he delivers his RAW punch of Reality Straight to your DOME Piece. Dome more specifically, your Cerebellum, penetrating that part of the brain that makes u take a step back and say to yourself “Damn, wtf” … I urge you all… to listen closely, and if you didn’t get it… then listen again..Somehow, in the midst of a 5 min freestyle, this teen restored my faith, Promising a NEW path for Hip Hop..a path thats Reminiscent of the Rap styles that used to mean something to you & are Quite unforgettable ..He transports you to the South Bronx, where he is holding Service…Sit next to me in a pew and come Revel in the Church of Deascent.. Hallelujah…Amen”
–Liana F.C.